Nir Elperin

nir_elperinNir Elperin  joined Arba in 1999, as Vice President in charge of Venture Capital.  Nir has assumed operational positions in portfolio companies primarily in business development and financial management.   He has gained experience in a broad range of markets including media and entertainment, mobile messaging, Internet services and enterprise software.

Prior to Arba, he was for 4 years a Senior Financial and Information System Analyst for Clal Finance, one of Israel ‘s leading investment firms.  Prior thereto he was an Economist and Programmer for Economic Models Ltd., a leading Israeli macroeconomic research and large account valuations company.

Nir is twice a magna cum laude graduate of Tel Aviv University with an MBA in Finance in 1997 and a B.A. in Computer Science and Economics in 1994.  He served for four years in the Military Intelligence Unit of the Israeli Defense Forces. Nir is a graduate of PMD- the Program for Management Development –  (2003)  at the Harvard Business School . In mid 2011, Nir was elected a member of the HBS Alumni Board.